Gift Shop

The MCJC gift shop is the perfect place to buy your bar/bat mitzvah and other special occasion gifts all year long:

hamsa keychain
  • menorahs
  • kiddish cups
  • jewelry
  • mezuzahs

Special Orders

If you have a special event or gift-giving occasion coming up, let us help:

  • kippot

We can order printed kippot customized for your occasion.

  • invitations

We can order custom printed invitations at 20% off regular price.

  • tallit

We charge only base price and shipping & handling costs for ordering tallit no retail markup at all.

Other special items we've ordered in the past:

  • engraved wedding bands
  • gold mezuzahs
  • gold jewelry

Sales & Discounts

Keep your eyes open for our sales flyer. Several times a year, we offer big savings.

For more information, please contact us or call 815.455.1810.